I have a family that loves and cares for me.

Whenever you feel low or under pressure, you might think that you don’t matter to anyone and that your life is not being valued. But this isn’t true. Just because your family and friends don’t say they love you every other day doesn’t mean they don’t love you. They do love you and you mean the world to your parents. 

There are people in my life who believe I can do great things.

Not just parents but even teachers and friends know your abilities and what you’re capable of. So, even if at some point in life you face failure and feel broken, remember your English teacher who appreciated you for winning the state-level essay competition and the friends who believe you’ll change the world. That’s a source of great power. 

Like every obstacle in life, this too shall pass.

You can’t just sit and weep over failure. Instead, you need to bounce back, work hard and make it happen. Crying over the challenges life throws at you will not help you overcome them. Instead, it will just pull you down. So, be strong, accept that life is full of ups and downs and like every other obstacle, this too shall pass with time.

I am a strong person and will get over this eventually.

Trust your inner strength and capabilities. Tell yourself that you’ve made it through many bad days of failure, anger, resentment, sadness and grief, and that this is just another such phase that you will make it through. Also remind yourself that overcoming this phase will make you even stronger than before.

I have everything that is required to turn the situation around.

You’re the only one who has complete power over your life. So it’s ultimately your choice to stand up straight and get over the phase or get sucked into deep negative thoughts and stay low. You have the potential to change your life around. Grab the opportunity, use your power, and bounce back to life. 

My past is just a memory; it doesn’t exist anymore.

Your past is not something you can live in the present, so just let it go if it was a bad experience and makes you sad when you think about it. Tell yourself that it’s just a bad memory from your past which brings nothing but pain and unhappiness. So just push away those thoughts from the past and live in the present. 

I’m not the only one around who’s having a tough time.

If you’re feeling lonely and depressed, tell yourself that you’re not the only person who has gone through a breakup or faced failure. There are thousands of people around the world who’re dealing with heartbreaking failure. Take comfort in the fact that you’re not alone. This will help you develop empathy for yourself and others. 

I’m the only one who can make myself happy.

You’re key to your happiness. So if you keep thinking you had a bad day at the office or your breakup was unfair, you’ll remain in that state of mind. You can choose to leave this state and choose happiness. It could be by speaking to people who’ve always stood by you or appreciating the little things you’ve never had gratitude for.


“or main chalta gaya…” – Aditya Singh

Dusro ki khushiyo ke liye hmesha chalta gaya, sb krta gaya…

Khud ko bhi sab kuch diya par kisi ko kuch kam bhi na hone diya…


Hala-n-ki jb kuch bhi na tha mere paas, fir bhi sbko sb kuch diya…

Unki khushiyo k liye, apni sari khushiyan mita’ta gaya…


Duniya kuch bi kahe, par apne andar ek sapno ka mahal banata gaya…

Or dusro ki khushi se hi uss mahal ki ek ek eit rakhta gaya…


Or mahal pura hone pe bhi, kisi ki khwaish pe wo bhi use de diya…

Ek baar fir se dusro ki khushiyo ke liye hmesha chalta gaya…


Din beet gaya, mahina nikal gaya, saal guzar gaya…

Par main dusro ke liye sab kuch karta gaya…


Milega sb kuch mjhe wo bi sbki khushiyo se, bs yahi sochta gaya…

Or dusro ki khushi se ek naye mahal ki eit rakhta gaya…

“Mene Dekha Hai…”

बेजुबान पत्थर पे लदे है करोडो के गहने मंदिरो में । 

उसी देहलीज पे एक रूपये को तरसते नन्हे हाथो को देखा है।। 

सजे थे छप्पन भोग और मेवे मूरत के आगे ।

बाहर एक फ़कीर को भूख से तड़प के मरते देखा है ।। 

लदी हुई है रेशमी चादरों से वो हरी मजार ,

पर बहार एक बूढ़ी अम्मा को ठंड से ठिठुरते देखा है।  

वो दे आया एक लाख गुरद्वारे में हाल के लिए ,

घर में उसको 500 रूपये के लिए काम वाली बाई बदलते देखा है। 

सुना है चढ़ा था सलीब पे कोई दुनिया का दर्द मिटाने को,

आज चर्च में बेटे की मार से बिलखते माँ बाप को देखा है।  

जलाती रही जो अखन्ड ज्योति देसी घी की दिन रात पुजारन ,

आज उसे प्रसव में कुपोषण के कारण मौत से लड़ते देखा है । 

जिसने न दी माँ बाप को भर पेट रोटी कभी जीते जी ,

आज लगाते उसको भंडारे मरने के बाद देखा । 

दे के समाज की दुहाई ब्याह दिया था  जिस बेटी को जबरन बाप ने,

आज पीटते उसी शौहर के हाथो सरे राह देखा है । 

मारा गया वो पंडित बेमौत सड़क दुर्घटना में यारो , 

जिसे खुदको काल सर्प,तारे और हाथ की लकीरो का माहिर लिखते देखा है ।